matt swarbrick




I always wanted to grow up as a cross between Tom from the Goodlife, the shark guy from Jaws and David Attenbourgh..

I've skewd slighly from the plan, but I've worked happlily for years for the BBC Natural History Unit and I have experience working in a range of television prgramming from wildlife researcher on landmark BBC series, self-shooting and director credits on BBC Countryfile and quick turn round day time programming, investigative/journalistic work.

I have also become a great beleiver in renewable energies am pleased to be working with Ethical Solar.

I am also trying produce a range of ethical, inspirational and good clothing and trying to set up a suistainable mixed farm in Wales.

I have a PhD in Seal and penguin distribution and behaviour, and though I specalise in marine mammals and birds I am a nerdy naturalist at heart and so have a sound knowldege of most environments.






I'd love to hear from you... matt@seabear.co.uk ... 0778 631 6413